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Redmond Reverse Mortgages

Redmond, Oregon Reverse Mortgage Lender

Meet Brian Albrich

Brian Albrich Reverse Mortgages

Brian Albrich

C2 Reverse Mortgage Certified Loan Officer

NMLS #91018

(541) 931-8059



Secure the best reverse mortgage deals in Redmon, Oregon

Brian Albrich and C2 Financial are one of the teams you can trust in Redmon if you are curious about the benefits of a reverse mortgage, from Bend to Three Rivers and across Deschutes County.

Brian grew up in the Portland area, studying at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) where he received a degree in economics.

He has called Bend home since 2001, and it is where he began his career in the residential mortgage business the following year.

But it was in 2018 when he decided his calling was to help Oregon seniors in need to help them extract more from their years in the workforce.

He decided to take a 3-day class, learning about the FHA HECM reverse mortgage.

Instantly, Brian was hooked.

Redmond, Oregon
Caption: Redmond, Oregon. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

He now works almost exclusively with seniors, their families, and advisors to help them manage their home equity and cash flow needs.

Being from the Pacific Northwest, Brian has a passion for the outdoors.

Whether it’s family vacations on the Oregon coast, or fly fishing on wild rivers in eastern Idaho with his buddies, he just loves the experience of being with good friends and family on outdoor adventures.

Around town and on weekends, he loves watching his kids play their school sports and participates in youth rodeos as much as possible.

What is a reverse mortgage?

Brian loves offering reverse mortgages to his clients because he knows they work.

They can be a real game changer for financially troubled seniors who have most of their money locked up in their house and are finding themselves struggling with daily expenses.

A reverse mortgage unlocks the equity in your home and converts it into a brand new income stream.

It is available to anyone 62 years or older, with approved applicants enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing they won’t have to sell their home just to see out their retirement.

Instead, they can remain in their family homes and start looking forward to a more comfortable standard of living rather than having to count every penny.

Homeowners can be paid in several different ways including a lump sum payment, monthly installments or a line of credit.

A mix of all three is also available.

The great thing about this loan is that as long as the terms are met, there is no need to repay it until either the homeowner sells the residence or the last surviving borrower passes away.

The cost of housing has soared across the United States in recent times.

Home owners in Redmond have seen their properties drop by a further 5.6 percent in the 12 months*, taking average prices to $501,307 (

There are already 633 Redmond residents with a reverse mortgage while 89 have bought one in the last year*.

About Redmond, Oregon

Redmond is a charming city located in central Oregon, known for its scenic landscapes, outdoor recreational opportunities, and friendly community. With a population of over 30,000 residents, Redmond offers a blend of small-town charm and modern amenities.

One of the most notable attractions in Redmond is Smith Rock State Park, a renowned rock climbing destination and natural wonder. The park features towering cliffs, scenic trails, and the picturesque Crooked River winding through its canyons. Visitors can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, birdwatching, and camping in this stunning outdoor playground.

Redmond is also home to the Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center, hosting various events, concerts, and the annual Deschutes County Fair. The fairgrounds offer a vibrant social scene and provide year-round entertainment for both locals and visitors.

For aviation enthusiasts, the Erickson Aircraft Collection is a must-visit. It houses a remarkable assortment of vintage warbirds, including World War II aircraft, providing a unique opportunity to explore the history of aviation up close.

Additionally, Redmond embraces its Western heritage and hosts the High Desert Stampede Rodeo, showcasing thrilling rodeo events and attracting participants and spectators from around the region.

With its prime location, Redmond serves as a gateway to numerous outdoor activities. Nearby attractions include the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, offering breathtaking views of lakes and mountains, and the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, where visitors can explore lava flows, volcanic caves, and stunning viewpoints.

In terms of community spirit, Redmond fosters a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The downtown area offers local shops, restaurants, and the Redmond Farmers Market, where visitors can experience the bounty of the region and connect with the local community.

With its natural beauty, outdoor adventures, community events, and friendly atmosphere, Redmond is a captivating destination for travelers seeking an authentic Central Oregon experience. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, history buff, or simply looking for a warm and inviting town, Redmond has something to offer to everyone.

Contact your Redmond reverse mortgage lender today.

Brian and his C2 team are looking forward to hearing from any Oregon seniors who think a reverse mortgage might be the answer to their prayers.

If that’s you, please give Brian a call at (541) 931-8059 for a no-obligation assessment.

*As of June 2023


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